Thrift Score: United Nude Ankle Boots

These cuties are by United Nude and they are so well made! The pink leather on the inside was supple and the fabric uppers was just a little stretchy. I’ll tell you the truth–I was really hoping they would fit me. But they were too big. So I sold them for a good profit.

Purchase price: $5, Goodwill

Shipping and fees: $12.95

Sale Price: $67.98

Total Profit: $50.03

s-l1600 (1)

s-l1600 (2) s-l1600 (3)

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Seller Tips: What to Do When You Can’t Complete an Ebay Sale


This past week, I’ve had an unusually high number of dud sales that were totally my fault. I sold an item, got it out to ship, and found some awful defect that I hadn’t mentioned in the listing. One was a denim dress that I was really excited to sell. I was going to make $30 off of it! I don’t know how I missed the six (!!!) faint yellow stains on the front of the dress. Then there was a pair of pink Timberland boots–the sole was totally coming off one shoe! When you deal in used clothes, it’s inevitable that there will be some wear and tear. But I could have avoided both of these problems by inspecting my inventory more thoroughly.

So what do you do when you can’t complete a sale?

Step One–Message the buyer explaining the problem in a polite, concise manner: “I’m so sorry. When I started to ship this item this morning I noticed a defect. Would you like me to send it anyway or cancel?” You can attach a photo of the problem to your message.

Step Two–After the buyer responds, work with them. Occasionally the buyer will want the item anyhow, or want a discount. Come up with a mutually agreeable solution.

Step Three–Follow through with that agreement. If that means cancelling, choose the option “Buyer asked to cancel the sale or there was a problem with the buyer’s address”. The other cancellation option can negatively effect your seller account. Double check to make sure the refund is processed right away. If you’ve agreed to ship the item anyhow, don’t wait! Get it packaged and labeled as soon as possible.

I’ve also had to cancel sales because:

  • The buyer asked me to
  • The item was accidentally listed as buy-it-now at a ridiculously low price
  • I lost an item in my inventory
  • The buyer made unreasonable demands

The vast majority of the time, buyers will not object to a cancellation with immediate refund, even if it’s your fault. However, if they don’t cooperate, you can ask Ebay to step in and help. But for the most part, it’s easier to deal directly with the buyer. If the worse case scenario happens and the buyer leaves you negative feedback, contact Ebay customer service and see if there are grounds to have that feedback removed.

Have you ever had to cancel a sale? Comment below!

Thrift Score: $152 for a Talbots Dress

s-l1600 (36)
Talbots retro style party dress, size 14

I had NO IDEA this would be a thrift score. I thought it was a pretty good buy but nothing exceptional. It absolutely boggles my mind that 3 buyers battled it out to the extent they did.

Listed at 7 day auction for $42.99 plus shipping.

2 days before the end of the auction, the bids went up to $76. Hot diggity dog! I thought. I’ll take that on a $5 dress all day, every day. 

The day before the auction ended the price doubled. And then the final, winning buyer went up $2.50 just to seal the deal.

Winning bid: $152.50 plus $4.99 shipping. 

What made this dress special?

  • Larger size, women’s 14
  • Retro style, title included “Pin Up” and “Lucille”
  • Displayed using a crinoline underskirt
  • Good quality brand (not designer, but well-respected)
  • Listed at auction
  • Started at a competitive price

Sometimes the starting price of an auction influences the perception of the item’s value. There’s something about seeing an item listed with a starting price at $0.99 that makes a buyer wonder if it’s only worth that much. With clothes, the value depreciates so quickly due to trends, style, time, and buyer’s emotions that you can really NEVER tell what an item is worth on the resell market. I figured since retro dresses were in, and that this was a larger size, I had a shot at getting more for this item than usual.

Even taking all these things in consideration, it was just a lucky break for me that 3 buyers all wanted this dress at one time. But luck favors the prepare, so you can bet I immediately went out and bought all the fluffy skirted, retro style dresses I could find. Like these:


Lauren Ralph Lauren, $43, size 10
Talbots, $43, size 12
BCBGMaxAzria $49, size 10

Thrift Haul: 33 Items for $113

I love going to the DAV Thrift stores in the Hampton Roads area. They have good prices regularly, but they also mark down items and offer sales (Goodwill, you could learn a thing or two). I got $5 off every $25 I spent and several items were only $0.99!


GBX moto boots, Adidas, Stetson boots, Cole Haan Flats, Talbots slingbacks, Clarks flats
Swimsuits, 2 piece slinky outfit, Kasper & Liz Claiborne suits, NWT Jones New York dress
NWT kimono pjs, $0.99 yellow dress, cute wrap dress, $0.99 Liz Claiborne silk dress, Le Suit skirt suit
Juciy Couture dress, $0.99 dress, cute festival dress, $0.99 maternity skirt
Little black dresses galore! (That first one looks like Elvira with that big slit, no?)
Navy blue sequin cocktail dress, career dress, J Jill drawstring dress, pant suit

Total: $113

Number of items: 33

Price per item: $3.44

Estimated Profit: $420

Generally I don’t buy an item that won’t make at least $10 profit, and many of the pieces in this thrift haul will bring more. I think the biggest seller will be the Stetson boots. I sure hope so because they were the single most expensive item, priced at $10.

I’m thinking about hemming that vintage blue belted dress to a flirty-er length. Right now it hits mid-calf (is that EVER flattering?) so maybe there’s refashion post coming up.

In a couple weeks when things sell, I’ll post an update to this thrift post.

Got a thrift haul to share? Comment below!

How to Print Labels on Ebay

You should totally be buying and printing your shipping labels from Ebay. Here’s why:

  • It’s cheaper than the post office in-store price.
  • Your carrier can pick up the labeled package from your home.
  • You don’t have to make a trip to the post office.
  • Tracking information automatically updates so your buyer can view the status of their order
  • When validated by the shipping carrier within 1 business day of received payment, the tracking info with fulfill the Top Rated Seller requirement.

You can use regular printer paper and tape it to the package or you can purchase adhesive labels that will fit in your printer. You will need a food scale that is precise up to 0.25 ounce (usually available from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and lots of other places for under $25). Even if you don’t already have a food scale, it will quickly pay for itself with postage savings.

Take 2:47 minutes and watch this step by step video on using the label printing tool.


Thrifted Fashion: Polka Dots & Danskos

20160313_094250My polka dot dress was another pregnancy loan from my sister-in-law. It’s not even a maternity dress–but it has inverted pleats on the skirt at the waistline and it’s stretchy. I think I may like non-maternity dresses better than maternity dresses for 1st and 2nd trimester just because they don’t overwhelm the body. Those maternity dresses can look just like circus tents if they don’t fit perfectly.

Dansko shoes have a longstanding reputation for being comfortable. Their Professional Clog is a favorite with anybody who has to stand most of the day for their job. But Dansko also makes THE CUTEST sandals. The block heel and little brass tacks are on trend this spring, and I love the navy color.

The great thing about these Dansko shoes is that I actually made money buying them. I purchased them as a 3 pair lot on Ebay, and then sold the other 2 pairs. I’m actually $13 to the good on these shoes.

Dress: En Focus, FREE (I think she got it at Ross)

Shoes: Dansko’s, better than free

Purse: Nine West, $4 thrifted

Jewelry: Pearls, a gift from my husband from way back



Thrift Score or How I Make My Wardrobe Pay for Itself

So here’s a lot of Dansko and Sanita shoes I scored on ebay for $32:

Dansko sandals, Dansko “Marcelle” clogs, Sanita clogs


I really bought this lot for the navy blue sandals.  I loved the big block heel and the little stud tacks on the side. On the resale market, Dansko shoes go for $20-$80 depending on the condition and the style. These sandals are worth at least $30 on the resell market. But being a fashion reseller, I definitely did not want to pay $30. I want my wardrobe to pay for itself. So when I saw this lot, I couldn’t turn it down. It was like buy one, get 2 free!

As you can see, the lighting on the original Ebay listing wasn’t the best, and usually selling items in lots is NOT a good way to get top dollar per item. So I won the auction and relisted the other two pairs of shoes. Here’s what my listings looked like:

Sanita clogs, sold for $27 including shipping
Dansko Marcelle clogs, sold for $32

As you can see from my photos, these shoes were in much better condition than the original listing showed. I used natural light and listed the shoes individually. It took a couple weeks to sell both pairs. The buyer of the Marcelle clogs actually picked them up in person to save on shipping costs (an additional $6.99) since she lived in the area.

Total gross for 2 pairs: $59

Total inventory cost for lot of 3 shoes: $32

Fees & shipping: $12.9

Total profit after expenses: $14.10 plus a pair of cute sandals

And here’s me wearing the blue Dansko sandals that I actually MADE MONEY by purchasing. I love it when I buy stuff that pays for itself!


Do you make your wardrobe pay for itself? Comment below!

26 Items for $39 Thrift Haul Update

My $39 thrift haul
My $39 thrift haul

Last week I posted my $39 thrift haul that included 26 different items I bought at a Goodwill outlet. Then I followed up with how much money I would make selling those clothes on Ebay. The items from this haul have been listed for 2 weeks now, and here’s what I’ve sold so far.

s-l1600 (15)
Stuart Weitzman heels, $57.98
s-l1600 (18)
Women’s denim vest, $34
s-l1600 (19)
Maxi dress, $16.98
s-l1600 (20)
VENUS bikini, $18.98
s-l1600 (21)
Ann Taylor LOFT skirt, $12.98
s-l1600 (22)
Women’s plus size top, $16.98
s-l1600 (23)
Ann Taylor LOFT skirt, $12.98
s-l1600 (24)
Land’s End tankini top, $19.98
s-l1600 (25)
Talbots shirt, $16.98
s-l1600 (26)
Jones New York suit, $28.98
s-l1600 (27)
Lauren Ralph Lauren sheath dress, $26.98

Total gross: $263.80

Shipping cost: $71.05

Fees: $26.38

Inventory (average $1.50 per item): $16.50


I haven’t sold everything yet. I have $298 in listed value for the remaining items. It may take a few months to sell everything, but this is a great start for the first 2 weeks.

Have you posted about a thrift haul lately? Put the link in the comments below!


Thrift Score: Stuart Weitzman Silver Slingback Heels

s-l1600 (15) s-l1600 (16) s-l1600 (17)

You might remember these heels from an earlier thrift haul post on this blog. I got these Stuart Weitzman silver heels at a Goodwill Outlet Center (where you buy clothes by the pound and shoes for $3 a pair).  I thought I would sell them for $30-$35 and make about $20 after inventory cost, fees, and shipping.

So how did I do?

Sold: $57.98 including shipping

Inventory cost, fees, and shipping: $14.80


I actually sold made DOUBLE the amount I thought I would. This was an amazing score for me and more than paid for my entire thrift haul!

Do you have a thrift score to share? Link to it in the comments below!

Thrifted Fashion: Sailor Stripe Dress & Birkenstocks

Yet again, I benefit from having lots of recently pregnant women in my family! Stripes are always a favorite of mine because they look so classic and fresh. I especially like navy and white 🙂

The Birkenstocks are from Ebay, purchased gently used. I went to school at Appalachian State University, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Birks were a staple wardrobe item for basically everybody on campus. In fact, up until that point I thought they were shoes for people who have given up. And now I know they are for people who have given up on their feet hurting. I love them and I have another pair in silver. I also have fond memories of a beautiful professor back in my freshman year who always did her makeup, painted her toenails, and wore Birkenstocks like they were a statement shoe. She’s still one of most stylish people I’ve ever met.

Dress: FREE from my sister-in-law

Necklace: Gift from my husband (I think it was a promo gift with some perfume)

Shoes: $25, Birkenstocks from Ebay

20160310_080857 20160310_080905 20160310_080912