Thrifted Fashion: Polka Dots & Danskos

20160313_094250My polka dot dress was another pregnancy loan from my sister-in-law. It’s not even a maternity dress–but it has inverted pleats on the skirt at the waistline and it’s stretchy. I think I may like non-maternity dresses better than maternity dresses for 1st and 2nd trimester just because they don’t overwhelm the body. Those maternity dresses can look just like circus tents if they don’t fit perfectly.

Dansko shoes have a longstanding reputation for being comfortable. Their Professional Clog is a favorite with anybody who has to stand most of the day for their job. But Dansko also makes THE CUTEST sandals. The block heel and little brass tacks are on trend this spring, and I love the navy color.

The great thing about these Dansko shoes is that I actually made money buying them. I purchased them as a 3 pair lot on Ebay, and then sold the other 2 pairs. I’m actually $13 to the good on these shoes.

Dress: En Focus, FREE (I think she got it at Ross)

Shoes: Dansko’s, better than free

Purse: Nine West, $4 thrifted

Jewelry: Pearls, a gift from my husband from way back



Thrift Score or How I Make My Wardrobe Pay for Itself

So here’s a lot of Dansko and Sanita shoes I scored on ebay for $32:

Dansko sandals, Dansko “Marcelle” clogs, Sanita clogs


I really bought this lot for the navy blue sandals.  I loved the big block heel and the little stud tacks on the side. On the resale market, Dansko shoes go for $20-$80 depending on the condition and the style. These sandals are worth at least $30 on the resell market. But being a fashion reseller, I definitely did not want to pay $30. I want my wardrobe to pay for itself. So when I saw this lot, I couldn’t turn it down. It was like buy one, get 2 free!

As you can see, the lighting on the original Ebay listing wasn’t the best, and usually selling items in lots is NOT a good way to get top dollar per item. So I won the auction and relisted the other two pairs of shoes. Here’s what my listings looked like:

Sanita clogs, sold for $27 including shipping
Dansko Marcelle clogs, sold for $32

As you can see from my photos, these shoes were in much better condition than the original listing showed. I used natural light and listed the shoes individually. It took a couple weeks to sell both pairs. The buyer of the Marcelle clogs actually picked them up in person to save on shipping costs (an additional $6.99) since she lived in the area.

Total gross for 2 pairs: $59

Total inventory cost for lot of 3 shoes: $32

Fees & shipping: $12.9

Total profit after expenses: $14.10 plus a pair of cute sandals

And here’s me wearing the blue Dansko sandals that I actually MADE MONEY by purchasing. I love it when I buy stuff that pays for itself!


Do you make your wardrobe pay for itself? Comment below!

26 Items for $39 Thrift Haul Update

My $39 thrift haul
My $39 thrift haul

Last week I posted my $39 thrift haul that included 26 different items I bought at a Goodwill outlet. Then I followed up with how much money I would make selling those clothes on Ebay. The items from this haul have been listed for 2 weeks now, and here’s what I’ve sold so far.

s-l1600 (15)
Stuart Weitzman heels, $57.98
s-l1600 (18)
Women’s denim vest, $34
s-l1600 (19)
Maxi dress, $16.98
s-l1600 (20)
VENUS bikini, $18.98
s-l1600 (21)
Ann Taylor LOFT skirt, $12.98
s-l1600 (22)
Women’s plus size top, $16.98
s-l1600 (23)
Ann Taylor LOFT skirt, $12.98
s-l1600 (24)
Land’s End tankini top, $19.98
s-l1600 (25)
Talbots shirt, $16.98
s-l1600 (26)
Jones New York suit, $28.98
s-l1600 (27)
Lauren Ralph Lauren sheath dress, $26.98

Total gross: $263.80

Shipping cost: $71.05

Fees: $26.38

Inventory (average $1.50 per item): $16.50


I haven’t sold everything yet. I have $298 in listed value for the remaining items. It may take a few months to sell everything, but this is a great start for the first 2 weeks.

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Thrift Score: Stuart Weitzman Silver Slingback Heels

s-l1600 (15) s-l1600 (16) s-l1600 (17)

You might remember these heels from an earlier thrift haul post on this blog. I got these Stuart Weitzman silver heels at a Goodwill Outlet Center (where you buy clothes by the pound and shoes for $3 a pair).  I thought I would sell them for $30-$35 and make about $20 after inventory cost, fees, and shipping.

So how did I do?

Sold: $57.98 including shipping

Inventory cost, fees, and shipping: $14.80


I actually sold made DOUBLE the amount I thought I would. This was an amazing score for me and more than paid for my entire thrift haul!

Do you have a thrift score to share? Link to it in the comments below!

Thrifted Fashion: Sailor Stripe Dress & Birkenstocks

Yet again, I benefit from having lots of recently pregnant women in my family! Stripes are always a favorite of mine because they look so classic and fresh. I especially like navy and white 🙂

The Birkenstocks are from Ebay, purchased gently used. I went to school at Appalachian State University, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Birks were a staple wardrobe item for basically everybody on campus. In fact, up until that point I thought they were shoes for people who have given up. And now I know they are for people who have given up on their feet hurting. I love them and I have another pair in silver. I also have fond memories of a beautiful professor back in my freshman year who always did her makeup, painted her toenails, and wore Birkenstocks like they were a statement shoe. She’s still one of most stylish people I’ve ever met.

Dress: FREE from my sister-in-law

Necklace: Gift from my husband (I think it was a promo gift with some perfume)

Shoes: $25, Birkenstocks from Ebay

20160310_080857 20160310_080905 20160310_080912

How To Research Prices on Ebay

My secret to getting the price best for my items isn’t a secret at all. I use it constantly on my smartphone when I’m out thrifting for new inventory. It keeps me from making expensive buying mistakes and from missing out on incredible deals. What is it?

Ebay sold listings!

It’s not really a program or an app or anything. It’s just a search criteria field that you click after entering your search terms on the Ebay site. But it is absolutely invaluable for pricing your items.

Here’s a 4 minute video that shows you how to use Ebay’s sold listings to price your items and whether to use auction or as a Buy-It-Now format.

Got an Ebay question? Ask in the comments below?

Thrifted Fashion: Lia Sophia, J Crew & a Hand Me Down

My 6 year old takes these pictures. Begrudgingly, because he’s usually busy doing important 6 year old stuff.

It’s finally warming up around here! It was a balmy 65 degrees and I didn’t even need a jacket since I’m pregnant and hot-natured now. For the past 7 years, someone in my circle has been pregnant, and we just keep passing the maternity wardrobe around. So this dress is new-to-me thanks to my sister, who was wearing it last year while she was pregnant.

The shoes are J. Crew from and WHAT A BARGAIN. $15? These darlings go for $40 and up on Ebay (pre-owned) so I snatched these up right away when I saw them. You can see a pair of suede pumps I sold recently on this post.

Dress: Liz Lange Maternity, FREE from my sister

Pumps: J. Crew, $15 from

Necklace: Lia Sophia, $14 new from ebay seller

Earrings: FREE ($15 value) in a fundraiser gift bag from BlueGreenAqua Boutique.



How Much Do I Make Selling Clothes on Ebay?

piles of money

In yesterday’s post, I shared my thrift haul from the weekend. I spent $39 and bought 26 items. So how much can I make off this haul?

I predict my biggest sellers will be the Red Wing Boots and the Stuart Weitzman silver heels. The other pieces won’t bring nearly as much, but I expect to get a solid $10 profit from every item.

My $39 thrift haul
My $39 thrift haul

24 items (not counting the boots and heels) x $10 profit: $240

$50 profit on the boots and $20 profit on the heels–

$310 total profit (after fees and shipping costs)

Don’t forget to deduct inventory costs $39

$310-$39= $271 total profit

I estimate 10 minutes to photograph, list and pack each item (my husband, the Duke of Efficiency, has helped me get my processing time down to the bare minimum).

26 items x 10 / 60 = 4.33 hours of work. Let’s not forget it took my 1.5 hours of hunting to find this stuff.

5.83 total hours of work. Can we just call it 6 hours? Good.

So what do I HOPE to may per hour on this haul?

$271 / 6 hours = $45.16 per hour.

Yeah, baby! Not too shabby.

Have you got a thrift haul to brag about? Post linkylinks below!


Thrift Haul: 26 Items for $39

The Goodwill Outlet store–I hope you love surprises because there is no rhyme nor reason to these bins.

On some Saturdays, my husband watches our kids while I spend an hour or two digging through the boats and bins at the Goodwill Outlet store. Most things are sold by the pound and there is almost no organization. I have to be well fed and psyched up to go because it takes workHard work.

I spent 1.5 hours searching and I found 26 items for my Ebay store and I spent $39. Average price per item: $1.50. Here’s my haul!

Left to Right: Coverup/sundress, Vintage Leslie Fay button shirtdress, stripe maxi Dress, AEO strapless dress, GAP denim dress
Left to right: Lauren Ralph Lauren sheat, Denim vest, career print blouse 2X, Talbots 16 print shirt
Lauren Ralph Lauren sheath, Ruffle trim sheath, cotton wrap dress
Talbots XL knit tank, denim vest L, career blouse 2X, Talbots print shirt 16
Talbots knit tank, denim vest, career blouse, Talbots print shirt
Jones New York 10 purple pant suit
Jones New York purple pant suit
Banana Republic skirt, Talbots Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, Ann Taylor Loft Skirt
Banana Republic skirt, Talbots Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, Ann Taylor Loft Skirt
Silk career blouse, sequink tank, Land's End tankini top, Venus bikini
Silk career blouse, sequin tank, Land’s End tankini top, Venus bikini
Red Wing boots, Stuart Weitzman silver heels, Cole Haan clogs, & Dansko mary jane heels
Red Wing boots, Stuart Weitzman silver heels, Cole Haan clogs, & Dansko mary jane heels
In every haul there's a flop: got these home to find out the zipper was broken :(
In every haul there’s a flop: got these home to find out the zipper was broken 🙁

Want to know what I think I’ll make on this thrift haul? Come back tomorrow–or even better, subscribe by email and never miss a post!

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Thrift Score: Eileen Fisher Alpaca Vest

So I was back home in NC, shopping at a Goodwill with my dad and I’d already filled up my cart with treasures. The checkout line was pretty long, so Dad said he’d hold my place if I wanted to keep shopping. That’s when I found this incredible score!


I already knew the Eileen Fisher brand was a consistent seller, so I bought it. After I searched the internet for the vest, I found the stock photo and a description. This was pretty handy since the size and material tag was torn out. It was alpaca with leather trim! And then when 2 bidders really wanted it, this sale just got better and better.

Purchased: $5 + tax

Sold: $51 + $7.99 shipping

s-l1600 (34)s-l1600 (35)

Got a thrift score? Share below!