Hot Resale: Vintage Wedding Dresses

What better way to have “something old” than to wear a gorgeous vintage wedding gown?I love finding vintage wedding dresses at thrift stores because retro themed weddings are very popular right now. Featured about is a dress I sold recently:

Purchased: $20 +tax

Sold: $59.99 + $7.99 shipping

This was a bit more than I wanted to pay for the dress, but the profit was over $20 so I went for it. In my title, I used “vintage” “steampunk” and “short” because those are popular search terms for wedding gowns right now.

s-l1600 (24)

I marketed this gown towards 1950s style wedding themes using terms like “1950s” “short” “retro” and “full skirt”. I think this dress would have gotten a little more had it been a larger size (I think it fit a modern size 6).

Purchased: $5 + tax

Sold: $39.99 + $5.99 shipping. 

And here’s another!

s-l1600 (12)

Purchased: $4 + tax

Sold: $39.99 + $6.99 shipping

Here’s what I look for in wedding gowns:

  • Excellent condition with no defects (or easily fixed problems, like minor stains or mendable tears)
  • Interesting details like high necks, long sheer sleeves, trains,  full skirt silhouettes, short dresses, or beautiful beading and lace.
  • Well known designers, of course. If you actually find a vintage Dior dress, grab it immediately!
  • Larger sizes. Without a doubt, it’s easier to sell a size 14 than a size 2.
  • Reasonable prices. A wedding dress takes time to properly display and special care to ship, so make sure your profit margin is decent. Find a good deal that will be worth the effort.

Happy thrifting!




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