How NOT to Display Clothing on Ebay

So yesterday I talked about How to Photograph Clothes for Resale on Ebay. But maybe you don’t know the fastest way to kill your sales is with poor photography. If you’ve got crummy photography, shoppers will skip over your items. Here’s some examples ebay sellers who just bombed:


s-l1600 (1)


  1. This shirt is blurry and the text of the second photo is unreadable. Not to mention that looks like part of a leg in the first photo! These were the ONLY two photos with the listing. Don’t distract potential buyers–make sure those photos don’t picture anything that you’re not including in your listing.


s-l1600 (8)

2. Theoretically, modeling clothing is a great way to show how it actually looks on the body can even drive the price up. But if the model is wearing dingy socks, got her hair up in a messy wad, and didn’t even get a clear photo, it’s going to do more damage than good. If you model your clothes, make sure you look your best.

s-l1600 (4)

3. Another blurry picture–but this time, at a weird angle! I’m not sure what this seller was trying to do, but your ebay listing is no place to get all artsy and creative with the photography. Take straight, clear photos so that your buyers can see exactly what the item looks like.

s-l1600 (3)

s-l1600 (2)

4. In the first picture, the flash has overexposed the shoes, making them look gray instead of black. In the second, the lighting is too dark and it’s hard to make out the details.  Natural light is your best bet, and if you have to use flash, back up a couple of feet so that your flash doesn’t wash out your items.

Do you have any other example of how NOT to take ebay fashion photos? Comment below!

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