The Holdout: A Vintage Bikini That Wouldn’t Go

I had this listed for ever. FOR EVAH, PEOPLE. We’re talking Spring 2015 I put this high waisted vintage La Blanca Bikini on my Ebay site with hopes of seeing $40-$50 come into my paypal account. I got those numbers from some ebay sold listings (that featured a hot model and great photography). But this swimsuit sat. And sat. Through summer and fall and winter. I priced it up, I priced it down. I think at one point I had it at $10.

I finally sold it February 3 2016.

Purchased: $5 + tax

Sold:$19.99 + 4.50 shipping

s-l1600 (19)

So what took it so long? Here’s my hypothesis:

  • Small size–Let’s face it, there’s more size 8-10-12 ladies out there than size 2s and 4s. My resell market was significantly smaller since this was a vintage size 8, which fits more like a 4-6.
  • Lazy photos–I could have put this on my mannequin and improved its visual appeal  but I was too darn lazy. Those high comps that I found in sold listings were no doubt a result of the incredible marketing and live model.
  • Bad luck. There’s that. I could have just posted it at the wrong time, when there was plenty of other vintage bikinis available. But at least I didn’t give it away for bottom dollar. I knew by August my chances of selling it high were slim to none, since most women have done all the swim suit shopping they want to do by then. So I stuck with $20 and waited for Spring.

Lesson learned? Make those listings look as good as possible and don’t back down from a reasonable price. It will sell–eventually.

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