These 6 Mistakes Will Kill Your Ebay Fashion Resale Business


  1. Stocking low value brands. See my previous post on “I NEVER BUY THESE BRANDS TO RESELL.” Even if inventory is priced super low, the wrong brands won’t bring traffic because the market is saturated and the demand is low.
  2. Using crummy photography. Bad lighting, fuzzy pictures, and lack of angles discourages buyers.  Buyers will pass over these listings for others that are displayed better, even if it means paying more.
  3. Skimping on your titles. “Women’s Brown Dress”, “Blue Jeans Size 10”, “High Heel Shoes” are non-descript titles. Always include brand, size, color, gender, and clothing type in your title. The more search terms in your title, the more chances a search engine crawler bot will find your listing and put it in a buyer’s top results.
  4. Pricing based on retail. As soon as an item leaves the bright, well organized showroom of a clothing retail shop, the value goes up in smoke. There is absolutely NO CORRELATION between MSRP its value on the secondary market. So find your item (or a similar one) on ebay sold listings. Find the average price of the last ten listings–making sure to account for size, condition, and current trends–and price it accordingly. Go too high and buyers will skip over your listing. Go too low and search bots will shove your listing to the bottom of the results.
  5. Listing items with no demand. Don’t try to sell sell bikinis in November or wool coats in May. Only list inventory that is in very good to excellent condition–even the most coveted brands are worthless if they aren’t wearable. Choose bigger sizes over smaller sizes since the average women’s dress size in America is 12. Follow some popular blogs and review fashion magazines to find out what’s in and what is so, so out.
  6. Overpaying for inventory. When you’re considering what pieces to buy, always calculate how much you can reasonably expect to make after ebay fees and shipping charges. If it’s less than $10, you aren’t going to make enough to cover your overall business expenses.

Know of any other ways to kill your fashion resale business? Comment below!

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