Thrift Score: $152 for a Talbots Dress

s-l1600 (36)
Talbots retro style party dress, size 14

I had NO IDEA this would be a thrift score. I thought it was a pretty good buy but nothing exceptional. It absolutely boggles my mind that 3 buyers battled it out to the extent they did.

Listed at 7 day auction for $42.99 plus shipping.

2 days before the end of the auction, the bids went up to $76. Hot diggity dog! I thought. I’ll take that on a $5 dress all day, every day. 

The day before the auction ended the price doubled. And then the final, winning buyer went up $2.50 just to seal the deal.

Winning bid: $152.50 plus $4.99 shipping. 

What made this dress special?

  • Larger size, women’s 14
  • Retro style, title included “Pin Up” and “Lucille”
  • Displayed using a crinoline underskirt
  • Good quality brand (not designer, but well-respected)
  • Listed at auction
  • Started at a competitive price

Sometimes the starting price of an auction influences the perception of the item’s value. There’s something about seeing an item listed with a starting price at $0.99 that makes a buyer wonder if it’s only worth that much. With clothes, the value depreciates so quickly due to trends, style, time, and buyer’s emotions that you can really NEVER tell what an item is worth on the resell market. I figured since retro dresses were in, and that this was a larger size, I had a shot at getting more for this item than usual.

Even taking all these things in consideration, it was just a lucky break for me that 3 buyers all wanted this dress at one time. But luck favors the prepare, so you can bet I immediately went out and bought all the fluffy skirted, retro style dresses I could find. Like these:


Lauren Ralph Lauren, $43, size 10
Talbots, $43, size 12
BCBGMaxAzria $49, size 10

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