Thrift Score: Fuzzy Long Wool Dress


Here’s a vintage piece that was a gamble for me. I’ve never sold this label, but I had a few reasons to bring it home and list it.  Searching “fuzzy turtleneck dress” turns up a recurring brand called Supertanya, which sells mohair sweaters, dresses, scarves and socks. I was amazed to see dozens of sold listings, selling for $75 and up.  I figured with the bright color and oversized fit I could find a buyer, even if this wasn’t mohair and wasn’t SuperTanya.

Purchased: $5 +tax

Sold: $29.99 + $6.99 shipping
As you can see, my profit margin was minimal. However, since my turnover rate was so fast, I call this a win! And now I have solid evidence that long, fuzzy, turtleneck dresses are a thrift score.

s-l1600 (47)
Look at the fuzz! Look at the pockets!


s-l1600 (48)
Embroidered label instead of printed? That usually means good quality!


Have you found a thrift score lately? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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