Thrift Score: J. Crew Martina Pumps


J. Crew heels have great resale value, so I was excited to see these gals at the thrift store. There was a little spot on one side, but they still sold for a good price.  I must have tweeted them at least 10 times and at one point, they had 13 watchers. And they still took weeks to sell!  On average, I get 2 watchers per item, so it was bizarre to see these sit and sit when there were so many ebayers out there eyeballing them.

Purchased: $5 + tax

Sold: $44.99 + $6.99 shipping

After inventory costs, ebay and paypal fees, and shipping costs I estimate that I made $36.18.

s-l1600 (29) s-l1600 (30) s-l1600 (31)

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