How Much Do I Make Selling Clothes on Ebay?

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In yesterday’s post, I shared my thrift haul from the weekend. I spent $39 and bought 26 items. So how much can I make off this haul?

I predict my biggest sellers will be the Red Wing Boots and the Stuart Weitzman silver heels. The other pieces won’t bring nearly as much, but I expect to get a solid $10 profit from every item.

My $39 thrift haul
My $39 thrift haul

24 items (not counting the boots and heels) x $10 profit: $240

$50 profit on the boots and $20 profit on the heels–

$310 total profit (after fees and shipping costs)

Don’t forget to deduct inventory costs $39

$310-$39= $271 total profit

I estimate 10 minutes to photograph, list and pack each item (my husband, the Duke of Efficiency, has helped me get my processing time down to the bare minimum).

26 items x 10 / 60 = 4.33 hours of work. Let’s not forget it took my 1.5 hours of hunting to find this stuff.

5.83 total hours of work. Can we just call it 6 hours? Good.

So what do I HOPE to may per hour on this haul?

$271 / 6 hours = $45.16 per hour.

Yeah, baby! Not too shabby.

Have you got a thrift haul to brag about? Post linkylinks below!


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