What to Buy at Thrift Stores: Dansko Clogs & Comfort Shoes

pizap.com14552241652481Listed from top, left to right: Dansko, Dankso, Dansko, Dansko, Sanita, Dansko, Sanita, Sanita, LL Bean, Orthoheel, Orthoheel, LL Bean, Haflinger, Josef Seibel, Antelope, & Clarks Wallabees.

Women’s comfort shoes–reliable, supportive, and even kinda cute! You can expect to get $20-$40 per pair (sometimes more if you find a particularly hot design or brand). I recommend not spending more than $5-6 per pair to make sure that you can get a good enough profit to cover your expenses. Here are some of my favorite comfort brands to find thrifiting:

  1. Dansko
  2. Birkenstock (& sister brands: Betula, Papillio, Tatami)
  3. Sanita
  4. Orthoheel
  5. LL Bean
  6. Haflinger
  7. Josef Sibel
  8. Clarks Wallabees (this one is tricky, some Clark’s don’t sell well)
  9. Antelope
  10. Naot
  11. Alegria
  12. Earthies
  13. Kalso Earth
  14. Mephisto
  15. Rieker
  16. Sorel
  17. Taryn Rose

Some of these brands turn up more regularly than others in thrift stores (I find Dansko, Sanita, Orthoheel, and Birkenstock¬†all the time) but some are more elusive. When¬†you know what to look for, it’s a lot easier to grab those good deals when you see them. You can do more research by using ebay’s sold listings to find out if what you’ve come across in the thrift store is worth it.


Happy thrifting!

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