What to Buy at Thrift Stores: Swimdresses

Believe it or not, it’s swimsuit season. Schools begin having spring break as early as March and lots of people will be shopping for new swimwear.

Like any other fashion category, bigger is better. The average women’s size in America is 12. The swimdress style lends itself to larger sizes because it is flattering on every figure. So definitely look for sizes 12 up–and grab those plus sizes right away if the price is right!

s-l1600 (35)
Croft & Borrow Size 18W swimdress, purchased for $4, sold for $19.99 + $3.99 shipping.


Swimdresses are one of those fashion anomalies that I referenced in “I NEVER BUY THESE BRANDS FOR RESELL“. It doesn’t seem to matter what brand large and plus size swim dresses are just as long as they are in good condition and trendy–or at least as trendy as a swim dress can be.

s-l1600 (37)
Apt.9 size M swimdress, purchased for $4, sold for $19.99 + $3.99 shipping

As you can see from my profits so far, these aren’t AH-MAZING deals, but they are solid money makers. They usually sell within a week of listing. Of course, I’d rather find a bargain for $5 and sell it for $100, but my store only gets a few of those a month. The backbone of my business is regular $10-$20 profits with a quick turnover.

A more desirable brand of swimsuit–Miraclesuit, Longitude, La Blanca, or Becca by Rebecca Virtue–would probably get me another $5-$10. Swimwear prices will also rise in the coming months with an increase in demand.

s-l1600 (38)
Longitude swimdress, size 20W. Currently listed for $29.99 +$3.99 shipping.

I recommend a BIN (buy-it-now) listing of $20-$30 with reasonable shipping costs added. Be sure to give measurements of your swimdresses laying flat and note any defects in the suit in the listing description.

Quick recap:

  1. Buy bigger sizes.
  2. Buy any brand.
  3. List as BIN for $20-$30 plus shipping.

Happy thrifting!

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