Thrift Haul: 33 Items for $113

I love going to the DAV Thrift stores in the Hampton Roads area. They have good prices regularly, but they also mark down items and offer sales (Goodwill, you could learn a thing or two). I got $5 off every $25 I spent and several items were only $0.99!


GBX moto boots, Adidas, Stetson boots, Cole Haan Flats, Talbots slingbacks, Clarks flats
Swimsuits, 2 piece slinky outfit, Kasper & Liz Claiborne suits, NWT Jones New York dress
NWT kimono pjs, $0.99 yellow dress, cute wrap dress, $0.99 Liz Claiborne silk dress, Le Suit skirt suit
Juciy Couture dress, $0.99 dress, cute festival dress, $0.99 maternity skirt
Little black dresses galore! (That first one looks like Elvira with that big slit, no?)
Navy blue sequin cocktail dress, career dress, J Jill drawstring dress, pant suit

Total: $113

Number of items: 33

Price per item: $3.44

Estimated Profit: $420

Generally I don’t buy an item that won’t make at least $10 profit, and many of the pieces in this thrift haul will bring more. I think the biggest seller will be the Stetson boots. I sure hope so because they were the single most expensive item, priced at $10.

I’m thinking about hemming that vintage blue belted dress to a flirty-er length. Right now it hits mid-calf (is that EVER flattering?) so maybe there’s refashion post coming up.

In a couple weeks when things sell, I’ll post an update to this thrift post.

Got a thrift haul to share? Comment below!

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