Thrift Score: Dolce & Gabbana Little Red Dress

s-l1600 (13)

When I’m shuffling through dozens of dresses on a packed clothing rack, I can waste a lot of time reading all the labels. Instead, I rely on touch, feel, and of course, whether the item looks expensive to guide me. And, ok, I do read labels too. But this dress caught my eye before I even saw the tag. It’s inverted pleats, lots of seams, textured fabric, and unusually low cut neckline did NOT look mass produced.

s-l1600 (14)

And then I checked the tag: of course, it’s the designers Dolce & Gabbana! I brought it home and listed it right away.

Purchased: $7 +tax

Sold: $79.99 +$17.95 international shipping

Now THIS is what I call a profit. After fees and deducting my inventory cost, I profited $65. If I could only do that for every sale…

Have you found any sweet thrift scores lately? Comment below!

Thrift Score: DVF Silk Dress

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Diane Von Furstenburg may have made her mark as a designer with the wrap dress in the 1970s, but it’s her prints that I love. This one is a strong geometric with browns, whites and black trim. I’ve sold DVF before, so when I spotted this at the thrift store, I knew I should list it. Even with some minor stains, this dress sold well above my starting auction price.

Purchased: $7 + tax

Sold: $52 + $4.99 shipping

I started the auction at $30, but 2 ebayers bid the price up. The full retail price of DVF dresses usually starts around $398, but savvy shoppers can find them on sale for $199 and up. $52 is actually a conservative amount for a DVF pre-owned dress, and without the stains I could have reasonably expected to get $20 more.

There are enough variations in print and design that I recommend selling DVF at auction instead of buy-it-now. You never know when 2 buyers are going to decide they HAVE to have it. Starting with a price that you know is reasonable (for DVF dresses without defects, at least $50) and let the buyers tell you the value from there.

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Have you ever found a designer item at a thrift store? Share in the comments below!