The Cheapest Way to Ship Clothing: Polyvinyl Envelops

One of the reasons I focus on reselling fashion in my ebay store is because it is so inexpensive and easy to ship. It’s not heavy or fragile. Me and thousands of other ebay resellers use the same tried and true tool to ship clothing: the polyvinyl envelop.


It’s a thin but sturdy plastic envelop with an adhesive strip. Simply fold your clothing, slide it in the envelop, and slap the label on. It’s ready to go. And since it only weighs 0.25 ounces on average, it adds negligible weight. They cost $0.03-$0.07 a piece, cheaper if you go with good old gray, and more expensive if you buy in smaller lots and other colors. These are much, much cheaper than bubble wrap envelops and lighter than cardboard envelops.

I’ve ordered from ValueMailers for several years now. They ship fast and provide a consistent, high quality product (and I’m saying this because I believe it, not because I’ve been buttered up with some kind of sponsorship).

As long as an item weighs 16 ounces or less, I will use USPS First Class shipping service with these envelops. I also use them with international shipments and FedEx SmartPost. I’ll even ship shoes in these bad boys if their weight qualifies. Of course, if something is fragile, brittle, or easily bent, I use a stiff envelop or a box.

When an item weighs over 16 ounces, it no longer qualifies for the USPS cheapest shipping method–First Class. I’ll talk about heavier items in my next post: The Cheapest Way to Ship Clothing #2: USPS Flat Rate Priority and finally, The Cheapest Way to Ship Clothing #3: Heavy Items.