How to Photograph Clothes for Resell on Ebay

There are 5 ways you can display and photograph clothing for resale:

  1. Flat laying.
  2. Hanging.
  3. On a mannequin
  4. Self modeled.
  5. Modeled.

The first 2 are by far the cheapest and most accessible methods, but the last 3 will make your listings look more professional and usually get a higher sale price.

Flat laying

s-l1600 (5).jpg
Lauren Ralph Lauren tankini from The Simple Little Wardrobe ebay store

The photo is clear, the distance is close enough to show plenty of detail, and this photo has a neutral background. If the item is a good brand and in good condition, the item will sell for a decent price. In some cases, it actually makes more sense to flat lay an item than to hang it on a hanger or display it on the mannequin. Aim to find the method that gives accurate shape to the item so your buyer can see your item at its best.


s-l1600 (6)
Women’s Tank from tepool50 ebay store

Hanging works well for this garment because it maintains its shape. The colors are clear and bright, and the seller has “filled up the frame” by zooming in close. The background is plain and not distracting. You can usually find a door or a wall to use as a neutral background for hanging your items. This method works great for most clothing, although it doesn’t look as professional as a mannequin or a model.


John Meyer suit from PinstripesandPencilSkirts ebay store

Some items just look better on a mannequin than laid flat or hanging. Suits are especially tricky to display correctly without a mannequin or model since they need extra support to show their shape. The natural light is perfect for showing off the hot pink color of this suit, and the background is simply a blank wall. With mannequins available for under $100, it’s an affordable and reliable method for display.


s-l1600 (11)
Lulu B top from mysweetamericandressing ebay store

Note that I said self-modeled, not selfied. You’ll need a tripod and a camera with a timer, or a helper to take good self-modeled photos. And remember that you need to look as nice as you can if you’re going to be in your listing. Fix your hair and wear shoes. This is a plain top, but it looks rockin’ because it is expertly modeled and has chic accessories. Notice that the seller  uses a neutral background and zooms in tight to just the item for sale. She also angles her body to give some movement and form to the shirt. This method takes a little more time than flat laying, hanging, or using a mannequin, but it can look much more professional when done correctly.


Mexican dress from americanarchive ebay store

The most expensive but the most profitable method of displaying clothing on ebay is modeling. Lemme give you a for instance: this mexican dress sold at American Archive for $64. In my experience, using only a mannequin, I’ll get about $25 for a similar dress. Talk about the power of a picture! The only downside is the dollars it will cost for the proper photography equipment, display accessories, and the model’s time. If you’ve already got those assets on hand, use them! It will be worth it.

What’s your favorite way to display your ebay store items? Comment below!