Hot Resale: Duffle Coats


I love this time of year because sweaters, coats, and wool skirts are hot resale items again~ If I’m smart, I’ll buy these during the summer when the thrift stores are selling them cheap, and then sell them for Big Whole Dollars!

The one I want to tell you about today is the DUFFLE COAT. I purchase both men’s and women’s toggle coats. Even though I usually stick to women’s clothes, duffle coats are just too valuable to pass up. These coats are made of heavy wool or a wool blend and usually have toggle button closures and a hood.

Popular brands include Gloverall, Burberry, and and J. Crew. But the GREAT thing about this hot resale item is that even lesser known brands are worth $60 and up.

I usually pay between $5-$10 for coats, but if I can get them during the summer for less, all the better! It’s a solid profit on a classic item that always has a strong market. When you list these coats, use the description terms coat, toggle, duffle, wool, and vintage (if applicable).

Buying tip: Check for holes. Moths love wool and vintage items usually haven’t been stored in a secure area. Inspect coats thoroughly to avoid expensive buying mistakes!

Men’s vintage GLOVERALL duffle coat, sold for $99.98 including shipping from The Simple Little Wardrobe
Anthropologie duffle coat, $92 including shipping from brandymc404
VIntage Loden Frey coat sold for $60.60 including shipping by golfwidow96
Trader’s Point women’s duffle coat sold for $58.98 from The Simple Little Wardrobe

Do you have a hot resale suggestion? Mention it in the comments below!

Thrift Score: United Nude Ankle Boots

These cuties are by United Nude and they are so well made! The pink leather on the inside was supple and the fabric uppers was just a little stretchy. I’ll tell you the truth–I was really hoping they would fit me. But they were too big. So I sold them for a good profit.

Purchase price: $5, Goodwill

Shipping and fees: $12.95

Sale Price: $67.98

Total Profit: $50.03

s-l1600 (1)

s-l1600 (2) s-l1600 (3)

Do you have a thrift score to brag about? Comment below!

Thrifted Fashion: Chico’s Knit Jacket


IMG_7822 - Copy

It’s still wicked cold here in Virginia–I don’t know what’s up with the weather but I’m ready for spring already. I donned my tall black boots and layers to help me get through it.

Chico’s Gray-Multi Knit Blazer: $4, thrift store

Tahari Tee: $6, TJ Maxx

Jessica Simpson skinny maternity jeans: $7, thrift store

Dolce Vita Boots: New in Box from Ebay seller, $75

Vintage sterling and lapis pedant necklace: ebay seller, $5

Sterling silver hoops: $0, stolen from my sister



Have you ever worn thrifted or secondhand items head to toe? Comment below and I’ll feature your favorite outfit!

Thrift Score: Fuzzy Long Wool Dress


Here’s a vintage piece that was a gamble for me. I’ve never sold this label, but I had a few reasons to bring it home and list it.  Searching “fuzzy turtleneck dress” turns up a recurring brand called Supertanya, which sells mohair sweaters, dresses, scarves and socks. I was amazed to see dozens of sold listings, selling for $75 and up.  I figured with the bright color and oversized fit I could find a buyer, even if this wasn’t mohair and wasn’t SuperTanya.

Purchased: $5 +tax

Sold: $29.99 + $6.99 shipping
As you can see, my profit margin was minimal. However, since my turnover rate was so fast, I call this a win! And now I have solid evidence that long, fuzzy, turtleneck dresses are a thrift score.

s-l1600 (47)
Look at the fuzz! Look at the pockets!


s-l1600 (48)
Embroidered label instead of printed? That usually means good quality!


Have you found a thrift score lately? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Thrift Score: ETRO Matching Skirt & Top

Last week I found this beautiful matching skirt & top by designer ETRO. I was shopping at a local benefit thrift store called CHKD. It’s not my usual haunt, but I’m so glad I stopped by!

Purchased: $10 plus tax.

Sold: $163.50 plus $4.99 shipping.




The listing started at $99 and there were 6 bids. The first offers came just a few hours before the auction ended.

Obviously, I don’t know EVERY designer brand out there–or whether they are worth the cost and effort to resell. This was the first time I came across ETRO. So how did I know to buy it? These clues:

  • European sizes.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Unique print that did not look mass produced on a soft, silky fabric.
  • Marketable size (women’s large)
  • And of course I researched the brand on Ebay’s sold listings and found it consistently sold for a great price.

Happy thrifting!

Thrift Score: Vintage Tadashi Gown


Sheer accents have been a longstanding fashion staple for subtle sexy. Or if you’re Rihanna, not so subtle. I’d had good luck selling Tadashi items in the past, so when I spotted this Tadashi I grabbed it, even though it was priced higher than I’d usually pay for a dress at a thrift store.

This dress was probably made in the 1990s or even early 2000s. It was in fantastic condition and showed almost no wear.

Purchased: $20 +tax

Sold $99 +$4.99

I started this as an auction, just to test the waters, but I didn’t get any takers. I relisted as a Buy-It-Now and it sat for a couple weeks. Just when I was thinking it was overpriced (or undermarketed), it sold!

s-l1600 (17)s-l1600 (18)

I especially love the satin cuffs and wide bateau neckline. The fabric had just enough stretch to hug all the right curves. I’m so glad this showstopper found a home. 🙂